The science behind the spa: high-tech treatments from 10 wellness hotels

If you’re feeling a treat-yourself trip is long overdue, taking a ‘health holiday’ as your first step into the post-pandemic world of travel makes perfect sense. The innovative metal-inspired treatments at these cutting-edge wellness centres are research-backed and performance-packed for visible results, from floating beds and bio-electric facials to the sound wave science of singing bowls.

Villa Eden – The Leading Park Retreat, Merano – Italy…With its focus on health, beauty and wellbeing in perfect balance, the whole of this art nouveau villa feels like a spa. A dedicated team of experts are on hand at the on-site Longevity Medical Centre to deliver bespoke wellness programmes and an array of medical tests, including nutrigenetics and DNA flora testing, ozone oxygen therapy and intravenous injection therapy consisting of a personalised multivitamin complex strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight bacteria and viruses. Constantly introducing the latest medical-scientific discoveries, and applying the principles of natural and energetic medicine, of psycho-neuro immunology and chrono medicine, this tranquilly placed retreat prides itself on an holistic approach to guest wellbeing.

Esperanza Resort & Spa, Vilnius – Lithuania…Hidden in a private corner of the thick green forest of Aukštadvaris National Park, SPA Esperanza is as innovative as it is relaxing. Offering a range of unusual treatments using special technology, including a floating bed experience, Cloud 9 treatment (a combination of colours, light, projection and motion creates a regenerative effect on the nervous system and supports the deep relaxation effect – twenty minutes in Cloud 9 is equal to two hours of deep sleep), and an Amphibia extreme power-napping session using binaural acoustic and dynamic stimulation – combines the gentle sound waves of a special music with a highly efficient vibration massage system integrated into the lying surface.

Canaves Oia Suites, Santorini – Greece…Merging ancient holistic principles with a range of cutting-edge therapies, the al fresco treatment rooms at this clifftop retreat are elegantly carved into the rocks with spellbinding views of the caldera and volcano. For more than just a breath of fresh air, the O2 Device Treatment produces oxygen from an atmospheric air which is pumped through a zeolite mineral that removes nitrogen and other impurities resulting in 95% pure oxygen, which helps promote collagen production, stimulates, energises, plumps, nourishes and restores skin vitality.

Columbia Beach Resort, Limassol – Cyprus…The 90-minute ELEMIS Biotec Ultimate High-Tech Facial at this Mediterranean Sea-facing resort makes use of four bio-electric technologies – the ELEMIS facial and eye massage, the ELEMIS neck and decollate massage and two ELEMIS professional masks. This is the ultimate in anti-ageing and rejuvenation to bring dull and lifeless skin back to life, with a powerhouse of active ingredients and some of the most advanced technologies currently available on the beauty market. To round up your wellbeing experience you will also be treated to a soothing head and scalp or a hand and arm massage.

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, Saint Barthélemy – Caribbean…Le Spa at this lagoon-side sanctuary is a haven of holistic healing, beginning with its soothing Caribbean setting and open-air atrium that invites the outdoors in. Here, La Mer facials capture the healing energies of the sea, sound and touch whilst using metallic massage tools including the tuning fork for a non-invasive, non-toxic approach which restores the natural harmony of the facial muscles. This vibrational sound therapy is a needle-free treatment that effectively rejuvenates the face, body and mind.

Hôtel Le Cep & Spa Marie De Bourgogne, Beaune – France…The 32 suites at this ancient hostelry come equipped with the NightCove system, an innovative device that provides an incredible sensory experience, improving sleep quality and allowing for a gentle awakening or a power nap of dreams after a long journey. The futuristic-looking alarm clock lulls guests to sleep with scientifically-calibrated lights and sounds designed to improve sleep quality.

Eagles Villas, Halkidiki – Greece…In search of a wrinkle-banishing treatment with Aegean Sea views? Look no further than this collection of luxury pool villas with wraparound sea vistas, and an ELEMIS specialised spa. The brand’s Biotec Line Eraser targets wrinkles with firming and toning microcurrent pulses to stimulate the skin cells towards dynamic functionality. Circulation is improved, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, whilst the dermis is flooded with super hyaluronic hydrating activators, sealed with a re-energising amber balm. Red and blue light therapy warms and de-stresses the skin as a blast of oxygen delivers a breath of fresh air, effectively ironing out wrinkles and filling in lines.

Aleenta Resort & Spa Hua Hin, Paknampran Bay and Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket – Thailand…Bespoke therapies for individuals and groups are available at Aleenta Resorts Ayurah Wellness & Spa, with visiting Master Healer Kanchalika Meesuk (Khun Lak). Specialising in traditional Thai medicine and oriental healing massage therapies, holistic Tibetan and crystal sound healing, as well as the “four elements” and chakra balancing, Khun Lak is an holistic doctor with an Alternative Medicine License and over 18 years of experience in the spa, wellness and hospitality sectors. The 60-minute Sound Therapy session with Tibetan singing bowls is an ancient form of regeneration, which allows deep relaxation of both sides of the brain. It stimulates stress relief on all levels and the encourages the elimination of toxins from the body. After sound therapy, emotions are calm and the mind is clearer, and the sound vibrations can positively affect the body long after the singing bowls have been played.

The Sukhothai Shanghai, Shanghai – China…Enter into a world of spiritual awakening and enlightenment at The Retreat at The Sukhothai Shanghai. The Retreat arranges Singing bowl classes on a regular basis with in-house sound therapy master Victoria Svyatenko. Originally from Ukraine, Victoria has been living in Shanghai since 2006 and started her sound therapy and sound healing practice journey in 2016. In 2017, she completed a Singing bowl course from the world renowned Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi, a third generation Tibetan Singing Bowl Teacher and Sound Healer. It is believed that the vibrations from the singing bowls can relax the body into a meditative and restorative trance, much like other forms of music therapy.