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Last updated: 29 March 2022

Small Luxury Hotels of the World Rounds Up the Best Gourmet Pancakes at its Member Hotels

National Pancake Day on 5th March 2019 is rapidly crêping up on us providing a delightful excuse to indulge in tempting batter creations no matter the style or choice of toppings. From green tea ricotta pancakes, Indian Dosas with coconut chutney to Nutella banana roti, Small Luxury Hotels of the World selects the most delectable pancakes to enjoy at its independently-minded member hotels this year.

Green Tea Ricotta Pancakes, Mixed Berries & Clotted Cream at Vintry & Mercer

Located in the historic Vintry Ward, a short walk away from London’s Cannon Street station, the newly-opened Vintry & Mercer serves beautiful green tea ricotta pancakes topped with a generous dollop of silky-smooth clotted cream and plump berries. Available for breakfast and brunch at the hotel’s Vintry Kitchen restaurant, the Japanese-inspired delicacies can be ordered from an eclectic menu that pulses with bold, Asian flavours from morning to night. The pancakes are also power packed with Matcha powder providing the perfect energy boost to kick start the day.

Green Tea Ricotta Pancake

Multigrain Pancakes with Rum Caramel Banana Flambé & Almond Butter at The Betsy South Beach

A beach-side haven located in the heart of Miami, The Betsy South Beach offers an indulgent stack of three multigrain pancakes filled with granola and topped with warm rum banana flambé and candied pecans. Brimming with guilty pleasure, the breakfast beauties are slathered in almond cream and drizzled in maple syrup before being dusted with sugar and ground cinnamon. With award-winning chef Laurent Tourandel at the helm, the hotel’s LT Steak & Seafood restaurant adds a Miami twist to classic morning dishes including the Cuban Molletes or the French toast with orange-plantain marmalade.

Multigrain Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes with Lemon Curd, Vanilla Mascarpone Mousse and Pistachios at Eichardt’s Private Hotel

One of New Zealand’s most iconic hotels situated on a premium lakefront position in the heart of Queenstown, Eichardt’s Private Hotel is lauded for its gluttonous pancakes. Homemade and as fresh as they come, their fluffy mounds are topped with oodles of thick and creamy vanilla mascarpone, lemon curd and crushed pistachios for extra oomph. Renowned for its comfortable sofas and cosy fireplaces, Eichardt’s bar provides a stylish environment for sampling mouth-watering creations such as smashed edamame & poached eggs, spicy chorizo hash or apple porridge with coconut chips.

Buttermilk Pancakes

Amaranth & Coconut Pancakes with Tequila & Piloncillo Syrup at La Zebra Hotel

Set in a stunning location between the lush vegetation of the tropical forest and the picturesque white-sand beach of Tulum, La Zebra Hotel’s boozy Mexican pancakes are strictly for grownups. A feast for the senses, the coconut and amaranth creations are served with a drizzle of agave, piloncillo and tequila syrup, fresh tropical fruits as well as a scoop of mint butter. Also on the hotel’s breakfast menu are the Tres Leches Pancakes combining lime infused tres leches sauce and seasonal fruit.

Tequila Pancake

Indian Dosa Pancakes with Coconut Chutney at The LaLiT London

Combining the finest of traditional Indian cooking with culinary concepts from all over the Subcontinent, The LaLiT London in Tower Bridge serves a savoury Dosa pancake for breakfast made with fermented rice flour batter, lentils and fenugreek seeds. Available at the hotel’s Baluchi restaurant, the pancake can be rolled or folded into a triangle before being dipped in warm coconut chutney with green chili.

Indian Dosa Pancakes

Austrian Kaiserschmarrn at DasPosthotel

Wrapped in a sublime Tyrol mountain setting, DasPosthotel in Austria serves Kaiserschmarnn, a sweet fluffy pancake made with rum-soaked raisins, caramel and shredded into bite-size pieces. A comforting treat to indulge in before a day on the ski slopes, the scrambled pancake is sprinkled with sugar then served with applesauce and plum compote. At DasPosthotel, you don’t just stay in the Zillertal valley – you taste it, too. Breakfast means local milk, cheese, eggs and bacon served with freshly baked bread and fair trade coffee.

Fluffly Pancake

American Pancakes with Mascarpone Mousse at Hotel Haven

A welcoming and comfortable retreat set in the heart of Helsinki, Hotel Haven offers a dreamy trio of buttermilk pancakes glued together with carefully piped mascarpone mousse. A cross between a choux pastry and a stack of pancakes, the heavenly creation is lathered in maple syrup and topped with fresh berries. Matching the elegance of its pancakes, Restaurant Haven is located in the beautiful Sundman’s building, the second oldest stone building in Helsinki.

Hotel Haven pancakes

Nutella Banana Roti at Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

Urban sophistication in buzzing Chiang Mai, Akyra Manor‘s Italics restaurant serves a Nutella Banana Roti pancake inspired by the fusion of Thai and Italian cuisines present on the menu. Traditionally, the roti is made of pressed and rolled dough cooked on a hot griddle with butter and oil. It is then filled with fresh bananas and a thick layer of gooey Nutella. Other items on the breakfast menu are equally salivating and include the sautéed Italian sausages with gorgonzola cheese and potato, the pan-fried roti with fried egg and beef massamann curry or the waffle with coconut caramel and ice cream.

Nutella Banana Roti

Sri Lankan Egg Hoppers at The Fortress Resort & Spa

Located along the beautiful sandy shores of Galle in southern Sri Lanka, The Fortress Resort & Spa serves delicious egg hoppers or crispy crêpes made of rice flour and coconut milk with a cracked egg baked into the base. Crispy round the edges and doughy at the centre, the bowl-shaped hoppers can also be filled with spicy relishes, lentil dahl or chutneys. Guests can enjoy the delicacies with a cup of world famous Ceylon tea while feasting their eyes on spectacular sea and garden views.

Egg Hoppers

Puffed Pancakes at The Dylan Amsterdam

Located on Keizersgracht, one of Amsterdam’s most prestigious canals, The Dylan Amsterdam serves stylish pancakes which have the same thick edges as Dutch pancakes but the perfect fluffiness of American pancakes. Available at the hotel’s Bar Brasserie Occo, the delicacies are dusted with sugar before being garnished with a choice of toppings ranging from bananas, blueberries to succulent caramelized bacon. Other tantalising items on the restaurant’s breakfast menu include the avocado sandwich with pink pepper and poached egg, the coconut porridge or the Miso soup with roasted fresh salmon and pickles.

Puffed Pancake