Terra Dominicata


Among the rocky outcrops and sun-soaked valleys of Montsant lies Terra Dominicata. Originally part of a Dominican monastery, this boutique hotel immerses you in the heritage of its ‘holy mountain’ setting. Although the monks may be long gone, this rural retreat keeps up their time-honoured skill of winemaking – with the local vineyards producing famed Montsant and Priorat wines. Drop your bags, and drink it all in.

To welcome this stylish sanctuary to SLH, we had a quick chat with the hotel’s General Manager Víctor Muñoz. Born and bred in Barcelona, Victor tells us a bit about the rich history of Terra Dominicata, what to do whilst staying at the hotel and why Barcelona is his favourite city in the world.

What makes Terra Dominicata independently minded?

Its setting and story are exceptionally independently minded. In the 12th century the Carthusian Order founded their monastery at the base of the Montsant mountain range, discovering the magical place that we now call home. Today, we have rebuilt their farmhouses with respect for the monastery’s rich past. We can now offer this unique experience in such an outstanding scenery, right when the Carthusians grew their olives and grapes. Terra Dominicata offers 26 high-end rooms in the middle of the Monsant Natural Park, allowing guests to lose themselves in the lush flora, the calming quiet, and – most importantly – the luxury gastronomy served at our restaurant. Situated in the heart of a world-renowned wine region, our luxury sanctuary includes its own wine cellar that is home to our very own in-house wines. We invite all guests to learn what goes into the making of a Priorat wine, first-hand.




What are some emerging trends in luxury travel that you’ve noticed?

Luxury is no longer achieved with tangible things that a 5-star hotel can offer, but with the experiences we can offer to our clients with personalised and exclusive treatment that makes their stay unforgettable.

What makes the area around the hotel so special?

We are based in the El Priorat, a region of highly-regarded wines. Not only does this lead to beautiful scenery, but I also believe that we are the ideal hotel experience to promote this wonderful region in Catalonia. The wine is extremely good, and you barely have to leave your room to experience it!

The best city in the world is…

For me, the best city in the world is Barcelona. I admit, I’m biased – I was born in Barcelona. But this city truly has everything. It’s rich in history, culture and gastronomy and it’s on the beach. It’s so dynamic and alive that you can never discover everything that this great city can show you. I’m absolutely in love with it! I also have a weakness for London, Vienna and Rome.

Describe the ultimate day in and around the hotel (as in, the ultimate way for guests to spend a day in and around your hotel

The most important thing to do when enjoying Terra Dominicata is to embrace the enclave of beautiful scenery that surrounds us. Start the day with a late wake-up call, followed by an indulgent breakfast consisting of the best local products of El Priorat. Breakfast is best served on our charming terrace, where you can sit in peace and contemplate the beauty that surrounds you.

Following a hearty breakfast, guests should take advantage of the sunny weather among the mountains of Montsant, including a dip in our pool that is accompanied with glass of wine from our harvest. When your tummy starts rumbling, head towards our Alma Mater Restaurant to devour the tasting menu, which simply must be paired with a good bottle of wine. After a long and lazy meal, return to your room for a much-needed siesta.