A taste of southern Italy along the Amalfi Coast

Follow the foodie trail with our 10-day itinerary

From the ancient Greeks that introduced olive trees and grapevines, to North African traders who brought in more fiery, aromatic flavours. Southern Italy’s cuisine is as much about exploring centuries of foreign occupation, as indulging in fresh fish and sun-drenched fruit and vegetables. Follow our 10-day foodie itinerary while staying at boutique hotels on the Amalfi Coast. Our experienced Travel Advisors are on hand to help inspire your culinary adventure.


  • A 10-day independent itinerary for the Amalfi Coast, starting in Naples
  • Enjoy leisurely meals, Campania-style, in the city piazzas, or cliff-top restaurants – while rounding off your nights in SLH boutique hotels
  • Highlights include trying traditional snacks from the friggitorie (food stalls) in Naples, Limoncello tasting in Sorrento and the local delicacies of Positano and Praiano


Take your pick from home-style trattorias, deli parlours and top-end restaurants. This history-drenched city has always been a draw for foodies. Where savoury fritti snacks sold from market stalls are as renowned as the Michelin-starred establishments.

Naples‘ most prized staple is undoubtedly the crispy Neapolitan pizza. Rapidly baked and doused in olive oil, the classic marinara is simply topped with tomato, garlic and basil. The salsiccia friarelli is a tasty mix of sausage meat and local bitter greens. While margherita features the locally produced soft buffalo milk mozzarella.

Pasta dishes such as spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) make a lovely sea-front lunch. But for perfect sightseeing fuel, fill up at the friggitorie you see everywhere. Bite into flaky fiorilli, courgette flowers in batter, or Arancini, large breaded rice balls filled with meat or mozzarella. Then, if you’ve still got room for dessert, try the citrus-scented ricotta tart, pastiera napoletana.

Top tip: If lunching like a local, you wouldn’t normally sit down to eat before 2pm.


At Grand Hotel Parker’s you’ll not only be where Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf once stayed. In what is the oldest hotel in Naples, innovative haute cuisine is accompanied by views over the bay of Naples. Or relax in the sleek Romeo Hotel. With Mount Vesuvius and Capri behind you, look forward to Michelin-starred dining at Il Comandante. Suggested stay 2-3 nights.


Head down the winding Amalfi Coast to Sorrento. Here the peachy hues of the houses and sparkling blue Mediterranean reflect the simple sophistication of the food. A refreshing dish worth seeking out is caponatina – a traditional cuttlefish salad with rocket, pistachio and wholemeal bread. If you’re feeling very hungry, the alla pescatore risotto is a paella style dish brimming with prawns, clams, mussels and squid rings.

Sorrento is famous for its aromatic lemons which owe their almost sweet intensity to the fertile volcanic soil. Stop by the Fondo l’Agruminato citrus grove to sip the tangy limoncello produced here. This famous liqueur also comes in other intriguing flavours such as nocino (fresh walnuts), liquorice and finocchietto (fennel).


Head down to Sorrento for a stay at Grand Hotel Cocumella this former Jesuit monastery specialises in Mediterranean cuisine using vegetables from the hotel’s organic garden, or dine in their fusion Japanese Mediterranean restaurant for something distinctly different.

Serenely perched on a clifftop, Grand Hotel Angiolieri sits on the site of an ancient Roman Villa, this stunning 18th-century hotel offers cooking classes to learn regional specilaties and a restaurant overlooking Naples. Suggested stay 2-3 nights.


In the heart of the Amalfi Coast lies the jet set’s favourite – Positano. This pretty fishing village is known for its white-washed buildings precipitously stacked up the lush hillside. Food-wise, it’s the flawless quality of the simple seasonal ingredients that shines. But if you’re hankering to go out of your culinary comfort zone, then dive into the local speciality – sea urchin spaghetti.

Further east, you reach the equally picturesque, low-key Praiano. The crisp, locally produced wine makes the ideal accompaniment to antipasto treats such as marinated anchovies and pasta with octopus in tomato sauce. For dessert, a light and fluffy lemon soufflé hits the sweet spot.


Once a private home, Villa Franca is an enchanting hilltop retreat set right on the shore in Positano’s old town. Then, cut into the jagged coastline is Praiano’s Casa Angelina which boasts its own champagne. Suggested stay 3-4 nights.


After flying into Naples, the main train station and ferry services connect you to the city centre, Sorrento, towns and islands. If you do hire a car to drive the Amalfi Coast road, bear in mind that traffic can be heavy and challenging, particularly during peak holiday season. Ask our Voice Reservation Team for details about transfers or transport provided by individual hotels.


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