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Last updated: 29 March 2022

The latest trends with SLH’s hoteliers

There’s no one more In the Know than our hoteliers. We spoke to hotelier Anthi Kadianakis (pictured left, on the far right), Owner/Sales & Marketing Director from the family owned and operated Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites in Crete about the hottest travel trends for 2017.

In the know – Crete

You’re based in Crete, which is famed for its delicious cuisine. What is a current hot trend in Cretan food?

A focus on authenticity and originality. Must-try dishes of 2017 include fish fillet with wild Cretan greens, chervil and lemon sauce or Cretan Skioufikta pasta with apaki pork, fresh vegetables, crunchy anthotiros cheese and estragon sauce.

Crete has been a popular destination for many years. How have you seen the island change, and what do you see being popular in 2017?

The trend of 2017 is definitely authenticity, with a focus on local experiences and personalised service. People want to feel like they’re at home in a new country. Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites is owned and operated by my family, who are all locals, which gives people the local, authentic experience they desire. We love being able to offer people traditional Greek hospitality and local, in-the-know knowledge of the best spots on the island.

If you want to avoid chaotic crowds in Crete, you should go to:

Anybody looking to avoid chaos should come to Elounda, because it offers all you could want during a stay in Crete: tranquillity and peace, authentic local food, a rich history and warm, welcoming locals. It all combines to make Elounda a unique and everlasting travel destination.

Trends of 2017

What destination do you think represents the trends of 2017?

India, because it is a fast-growing market in all respects – including travel – and it offers a wide spectrum of authentic culture. That’s what people are seeking these days – an authentic experience in order to familiarise themselves with the local culture. Where better to do that than in a beautiful place like India?

Where do you most want to travel in 2017?

I’d love to visit Australia, because it has such a unique character and a versatility that makes it a compelling destination.

The city break destination of 2017 is:

Athens, because it has the outstanding feature of combining a fast-paced modern city with the classic influences of an ancient town dominated by a large number of historic monuments. It was once the centre of worldwide civilisation, and throughout the times it has maintained its vibrancy and energy. Few cities can offer such diversity of experience, where you can be at a contemporary, stylish bar overlooking the Acropolis.

What do you think is the most interesting destination for 2017?

New Zealand (Queenstown pictured below), because it offers an originality in culture and landscape as well as a simple way of life that is often lost nowadays. I think being able to visit modern cities, world-class vineyards, remote lakes and white-sand beaches is just incredible, and endlessly fascinating.