Q&A with Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay GM, Enrique Mandl

We’ve got news – we’re going to Ibiza!

After years of searching for the perfect addition to SLH on the sunny shores of Ibiza, we are proud to annouce that Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a new member hotel of SLH. Opening in late June, the hotel allows guests access to the many different sides of Ibiza – from luxury restuarants to secluded bays to buzzing nightlife, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay offers it all. We caught up with the hotel’s general manager, Enrique Mandl, to discuss this sophisticated, fun-loving retreat that has bought a new level of luxury to Ibiza.

Ibiza Bay offers a variety of dining options. How does the focus on food fit into the hotel’s overall concept?

We offer delicious, authentic food that is created by merging the best culinary experiences from around the world. We are proud to offer an array of cuisine – from the Japanese fusion of the internationally-renowned Nobu to the modern Mexican of Peyotito to the traditional Ibizan flair of Chambao, there’s a variety of flavours and spices for everyone.

Ibiza Bay is the first SLH property in Ibiza. What makes the property independently minded?

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay appeals to the senses and the desire to experience true freedom. There are no fixed agendas; breakfast is served at your leisure and spontaneous lunches blend into vivacious nights. Ibiza Bay caters to your desires and needs, rather than determining a rigid agenda. There is no script to follow, no programme to attend to. It is the perfect place to let go and find your own balance, as we provide you with the luxury of choice.

Ibiza is known for a variety of unforgettable experiences. What side of the island does Ibiza Bay represent?

It is not possible to pinpoint Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay to one area of the island – it’s a dynamic hotel that shapeshifts to your requirements. It has a unique offering in that it represents the effervescence of the island, as it can be relaxing and tranquil or the ultimate hotspot for chic parties that last into the night.

If you only had one day on the island, what is the one thing you think is a must-see/must-do?

We would recommend that guests go to Dalt Vila, Ibiza Old Town. It offers wonderful panoramic views of the city and its surrounding waters and a treasure trove of history, mystery and discoveries that spans 2,500 years. All of this rich history has resulted in the old town being made a UNESCO World Heritage site. Be sure to check the calendar for one off events, as there are often fiestas and fairs such as a medieval festival, a light festival, traditional dancing festivals, bonfires and fireworks. The town is a buzzy hive of activity!

It is said that Ibiza Bay will be “like nowhere else in Ibiza”. In such a popular tourist spot, how does the hotel stand above the rest?

We’re all about the guest experience at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. It’s a place where gastronomy, spa, music, culture and design coexist to reflect the essence of the island. It’s sophisticated yet playful with a plethora of options to suit guests’ desires. We also have an exceptional guest experience team, who are masters at creating bespoke experiences for guests to enjoy their dream holiday in Ibiza. Rather than expecting our guests to find the magic of Ibiza on their own, we prefer you to let us bring the island’s magic to you. This is something that isn’t just hard to find in Ibiza, but anywhere!

Where is the best secret beach that allows guests to beat the crowds?

The best is our very own beachfront, which is a fantastic way to enjoy the sea only steps away from your room, but there are also a few secret gems that are often deserted. My personal favourite is Cala Llentrisca, which is a tiny, rock cove about three kilometres from Es Cubells. It’s one of the most tranquil spots in the area, and it offers crystal clear waters.

Which country do you most want to visit and why?

Japan, not only because that is where Nobu has its origins, but because of their history and way of seeing and living, which is so connected to history and tradition. Japan is very diverse and has a lot of things hidden under the visible part, which makes it very fascinating.

What is a current travel trend changing luxury hospitality for independently minded travellers?

There is a rising demand for guests now looking for ultra-immersive experiences, which means hoteliers need to curate more experiences to help guests grow as people and as a family.People want to travel better and have a deeper connection to their destination.