A very Argentinian adventure

Our search for the ultimate spa

Forget steak and Malbec, the Argentina  we know and love is more like gin and tonic. There’s intoxicating nightlife, dizzying tangos and passionate, futbol-mad locals. Then, to top it all off, there’s sparkling scenery, snow-capped peaks and a long wish-list of world-class spas.

The question is: where do you begin? Argentina is a long, large and diverse country. If you were to travel from Iguazu Falls to Ushuaia, you’d experience virtually every imaginable environment – from hot tropical jungle to frozen, desert-like tundra. It’s the world in miniature and, as such, there’s a place for pretty much every taste or season.

So, before you take the plunge, here’s our ‘top to toe’ tour of the best spa experiences in Argentina – from cutting-edge hotels to awesome natural wonders.

Bliss in Buenos Aires
When you think ‘relaxation and rejuvenation’, bustling Buenos Aires may not be the first place that springs to mind. But even here, in the thick of it all, there are pockets of pure tranquillity. Recover from your flight and prepare for your next adventure at the 1828 Smart Hotel  spa or the equally laid back Casasur Recoleta. After a few days exploring the city, go west and make for Mendoza, Argentina’s wine region.

To toe…

Pampering in Patagonia
If you can tear yourself away from Mendoza, follow the spine of the Andes and head south. Here the landscape’s a little wilder, the air’s that bit cooler, and the scenery’s even bigger and more breath taking. Welcome to Patagonia – an untamed region, that’s also home to two of the world’s most sublime spa hotels.

At the northern end of Patagonia, in the shadow of the Andes, lies the stunning Correntoso Lake & River Hotel. With views across Lake Nahuel Huapi and plenty of outdoor activities on offer, this is a place to let go and reconnect with nature. After a day of hiking the trails, unwind with a swim in the open air heated pool, spa treatment or hammam.

If this is your first taste of Patagonia, prepare for more dramatic scenery as you venture south. One absolute must-see is the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier near El Calafate. Watch in spellbound silence as massive blocks of ice crash from the face of the advancing glacier. Or join a guided tour and climb onto the glacier itself for the ultimate in cryotherapy.