A quick chat with luxury expert Tiffany Dowd


There are few people as in-the-know as Tiffany Dowd. Not only is she internationally recognised for her luxury prowess as Luxe Tiffany, but she is the founder and president of Luxe Social Media.

With regular contributions to publications such as USA Today, US News & World Report, The Telegraph (UK) and her own site, Luxe Tiffany, she has her finger on the pulse of all things luxury. We caught up with her to get some hot travel tips for one of the industry’s most in-the-know experts.

Which city is best for a classic city break?

I will always be in love with Paris. You can indulge yourself in the best shopping at designer boutiques, discover the iconic museums, stumble across charming cafes and visit the city’s array of famous landmarks. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea!”

Where would you go for an unforgettable beach break?

Tanzania in Africa! It’s such an incredible country. Not only does it offer an unforgettable safari on the Serengeti, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you can also enjoy a beachy escape off the coast in Zanzibar. There are vast white sand beaches and sparkling blue waters on this tropical island, which is known as the Spice Island, where you can bask under the sun or visit the spice plantations to savour the aromatic scents of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. It’s a spectacular beach holiday with the added bonus of unmissable cultural activities nearby.

Which city offers an alternative city break experience?

I really adore travelling to Miami, Florida. It just offers one of the most diverse city experiences in the world – you can relax on the beautiful beaches but you also don’t have to go far to enjoy a bit of culture while on a warm-weather vacation.

Miami allows you to go beyond the beach to immerse yourself in its vibrant art scene, remarkable theatres and world-class museums.  You can discover emerging artists at a local gallery, tantalise your taste buds with the best Cuban and Latin American fare, or enjoy the variety of architectural styles from Art Deco, as seen in The Betsy South Beach. Add on the white-sand beaches, and you have yourself a spectacular city break wrapped up in a wonderful beach getaway.

Of all the countries you’ve travelled to, which is your current favourite?

At the moment, it’d have to be Portugal. It’s one of the most culturally rich countries and it should be on everyone’s list of places to travel in 2017. Visit the picturesque Douro Valley, with its rolling vineyards and spectacular landscapes for a tour of the vineyards in the northern part of Portugal. It’s the birthplace of port wine, so you’re forced to enjoy the best port you’ll ever try whenever you feel like it. The southernmost part of Portugal is completely different, with the Algarve region offering breath-taking Mediterranean beaches. It’s incredible on every level.

What is the strongest emerging travel trend you’re seeing?

As we continue to be hyper-connected through social media, there’s a stronger need to disconnect in order to re-connect. I definitely think social media is a wonderful source for travel inspiration, but we’re seeing more people looking to take a digital break to be in the moment rather than trying to capture everything on Instagram.

Hotels are offering ways for guests to take a break from technology and connect with local culture by offering unique programs such as artist in residence programs to hands on culinary experiences. Wellness offerings are getting even more creative from stand-up paddle board yoga classes in California, rice paddy trekking in Asia and snow shoe hiking at luxury ski resorts. Don’t get me wrong – a digital detox doesn’t mean you need to disconnect fully; it’s more about finding a balance in our lives which ultimately creates more meaningful travel. It’s happening now, but we’re going to see much more of this kind of holidaymaking.